The Social Cost of Carbon – real-world impacts

The Social Cost of Carbon - Real-world ImpactsA few months back, I received a copy of Dr. Roger Bezdek‘s presentation titled, “The Social Cost of Carbon: The Actual, Real-World Impact of Obama’s Stealth Energy Tax.” The numbers and facts that Dr. Bezdek presents, are an eye-opener and well worth reviewing.

  • The SCC is an “artificial construct” designed to penalize fossil fuels
  • Allows the “Administration to achieve via regulation what it cannot via Congress” – (remember the President’s “there are other ways to skin a cat” comment when Congress declined to pass the ‘cap and trade’ bill.)
  • SCC lacks any consideration of or for the benefits of CO2
  • SCC lack transparency
  • SCC is set up to allow the modeler to “obtain any desired result”
  • As SCC is arbitrarily and continually ratcheted up, any new regulation can be said to be “cost effective” no matter the actual costs
  • Will impose corresponding increases on cost of all goods and services

Readers can click here to download Dr. Bezdek’s full slide deck.

26. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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