Court Rules for Holcomb Permit

By The Telegram (Mar 17, 2017)— 

The Kansas Supreme Court issued a decision on Friday to uphold a permit for the proposed $2.8 billion Sunflower coal plant in Holcomb. The court rejected the legal challenge from the Sierra Club, who challenged a 2014 Kansas Department of Health and Environment decision to grant an “addendum” to a 2010 permit. The permit said the plant would comply with federal air-quality standards. In a statement posted on Sunflower’s website, Sunflower said it is pleased that the Kansas Supreme Court approved the addendum to the Holcomb Expansion air permit. “Much work — by the Court, KDHE technical staff, and Sunflower staff — has gone into making certain that the HEP air permit meets all applicable state and federal requirements,” the statement reads.

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05. April 2017 by ACC
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