Coal Prices to Fire up as Heating Season Approaches

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China Daily

BEIJING — Coal prices in China may continue to rise during the upcoming heating season, despite the endeavors of regulators to stabilize them, due to strong demand and overcapacity reduction, experts said.

“From now on to the end of the heating season next spring, coal prices will not show a downturn trend, with demand rising continually, if there are no strong measures from regulators to guarantee supply,” said Zhang Likuan, senior analyst at the China Coal Data Exchange Center.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission on Thursday warned coal miners not to temporarily close to avoid inspections as the country’s top economic regulator works to stabilize prices amid environmental and safety checks.

The NDRC also asked coal producers to send more coal to power plants in northeastern China that have low inventories and make an effort to increase coal inventories to a reasonable level.

28. September 2017 by ACC
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