China Faces Wintertime Energy Crisis of its Own Making

China Faces Wintertime Energy Crisis of its Own Making

By Peter Wood
Jamestown Foundation (Dec. 22, 2017) – Northern China is facing an energy crisis this winter due to shortfalls in heating gas. Since mid-December, reports from Hebei, the province that surrounds Beijing and Tianjin, indicate that schools and residential areas are going without natural gas for heating.

In Quyang county southwest of Beijing and North of Shijiazhuang, schools have not had heating since November 15—though the average temperature during the day has been close to, or below freezing. (These schools were required to remove coal-fired heating ahead of the winter season as part of a larger initiative to reduce smog and CO2 emissions.
In August, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a powerful government agency, announced that the construction of new coal power plants was going to be postponed through 2020. At the same time, use of coal was going to be essentially replaced in north central China—primarily with natural gas.

As the world’s top consumer and producer of coal, this is no easy task (EIA, May 14, 2015). In fact, China consumes four times as much coal as all of Europe (including Russia) and Central Asia combined.…/china-faces-wintertime-energy-cris…/


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