Coal States Montana and Wyoming Push Back on Washington State Proposed Carbon Tax

By Tom Lutey 
KPVI News6 
Cheyenne, WY (Feb. 21, 2018) – Montana and Wyoming attorneys general are pushing back on a proposed Washington state carbon tax.
Attorney General Tim Fox joined Wyoming AG Peter K. Michael in asserting that Washington cannot regulate environmental issues beyond its borders. Both states have coal-fired power plants owned by utilities selling electricity in Washington, where Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee are advancing Senate Bill 6203, a $10-a-ton tax on carbon dioxide from various sources including power plants fired by natural gas and coal.
“Washington state obviously does not have the jurisdiction to regulate environmental issues in Montana and Wyoming,” the Republican attorneys general wrote. “Yet the clear intent of SSB 6203 is to force non-Washington power generation facilities into compliance with Washington air quality regulations through the imposition of a tax on carbon dioxide emitted outside Washington.”


17. March 2018 by Terry Headley
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