OSMRE is Now Accepting Nominations for the 2018 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards 

OSMRE Staff 
WASHINGTON, DC (Feb. 20, 2018) – The Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards are presented to coal mining companies that achieve the most exemplary coal mine reclamation in the nation. Past winners have demonstrated a commitment to sound mining practices and effective reclamation plans that enhanced beneficial post-mining use of the land. OSMRE has honored high quality coal mine land reclamation since 1986.
Award Winners
Award winners are recognized for developing innovative reclamation techniques or who have completed reclamation that resulted in outstanding on-the-ground performance. The awards program is designed to help state and Federal regulators transfer outstanding reclamation methods and techniques from award-winning operations to other coal mine operators who work under the Surface Mining Law nationwide.
Coal companies, regulatory authorities, state or Federal mine inspectors, interest groups, or landowners may submit nominations. Company officials and employees may nominate their own operations.
View previous Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards Winners.

National Awards
A coal mining operation may be nominated for achievement in a specific aspect of reclamation, or for overall performance in meeting goals of the Surface Mining Law. All nominations should include on-the-ground results for however long the results have been in place. For example, a nomination for stream restoration should include several years of water quality monitoring data.

Good Neighbor Awards
Good Neighbor Awards are given to mine operators for successfully working with the surrounding land owners and the community while completing mining and reclamation. Nominations for this category should briefly describe the mining and reclamation operation (using both narrative and photos), and include testimonial letters and/or other documentation of a successful good  neighbor policy.

Electronic nominations are due to the appropriate regulatory authorities or the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) field office in non-primacy states by May 30, 2018.

Nominations will be screened by the regulatory authority (RA) points of contact for each coal-producing state or tribe. The RA will forward the best entries (a maximum of four National Awards, and two Good Neighbor Awards from each state), to the OSMRE field offices. Field offices will evaluate and forward the nominations to the OSMRE Headquarters in Washington, D.C., for judging in Summer 2018.
Questions about the awards should be e-mailed to Chris Holmes (cholmes@osmre.gov).
For more information:  http:/www.osmre.gov/programs/awards/ActiveMineAwards.shtm …

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