ACC submitted comments to EPA on its proposal for greenhouse gas/COemissions for new, modified, and reconstructed power sector coal plants, supporting EPA’s proposal to change to a standard based on the use of “supercritical” technology. Such technology is widely available and already in use in the U.S. and worldwide, but other prior regulations, including EPA’s prior NSPS requiring carbon capture and storage, have prevented its further deployment in the U.S.

ACC’s comments noted “While our nation’s coal fleet is cleaner than ever before, U.S. policy and regulatory barriers have prevented additional achievements. The cycle of replacing retiring coal plants with new ones was halted, and along with it the opportunity to widely deploy advanced coal power plant technology to improve efficiency and emissions while stabilizing and sustaining our nation’s coal power fleet.”

This EPA NSPS regulation change is needed to provide a better pathway for new coal plants, which will contribute to the fleet and fuel diversity needed to maintain affordable, reliable electricity for consumers. ACC’s comments further noted “Coal power plants have a distinct set of attributes that provide out-sized benefits to the grid, especially in the times of greatest need for electricity.”

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02. June 2019 by ACC
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