Mine Training – As Real as it Gets

By T.L. Headley, American Coal Council

Al Lardieri, a roof bolter with Greenbrier Minerals, has been a member of the Central Appalachian Mine Rescue Team for the past four years. Prior to his mining career, Lardieri was a sergeant in an armored unit of the U.S. Army. Lardieri said he loves being part of a mine rescue team. In many ways, it reminds him of his time in the military.

“The sense of camaraderie is the same” Lardieri said. “The way we all have to work together and trust in each other to get a job done. That’s the reason I joined the rescue team and it’s the reason you’ll find a lot of veterans who now work in the coal industry get involved in mine rescue teams. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment when you help someone who needs it.”

Mine Training – As Real as it Gets

04. August 2020 by Betsy Monseu
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