McCain pledges $2 billion per year in funding for clean coal

As part of his campaign platform, Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain is calling for a variety of measures aimed at increasing domestic energy production and reducing American dependence on foreign energy resources.

Alongside of his calls for ending the federal moratorium on drilling for offshore oil reserves and expanding the royalty sharing agreements with states, McCain is also calling for the construction of 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030. McCain further proposed to provide $2 billion per year in funding to aid in the development of clean coal technologies.

The Republican presidential contender said Missouri gets about 85
percent of its electricity from coal, an abundant natural resource in
the U.S.

"Perhaps no advancement in energy technology could mean more to
America than the clean burning of coal and the capture and storage of
carbon emissions," he said.

With the $2 billion in federal funds, he said, "We will build the
demonstration plants, refine the techniques and equipment, and make
clean coal a reality. This single achievement will open vast amounts of
our oldest and most abundant resource. And it will deliver not only
electricity but jobs to some of the areas hardest hit by our economic

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