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Coal fly ash: a “truly a ‘green’ building material”

Just happened across this article on AZOCleantech describing the 2008 reconstruction of the historic runway at Edwards Air Force base in 2008. The article describes how the new 15,000-foot runway was, built with concrete made with fly ash sold from … Continue reading

05. December 2010 by Jason Hayes
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Green community splits over coal use

It’s increasingly interesting to see the divisions forming in the green community over the issue of using coal. While many environmental activists try to ignore the fact that we need the affordable, abundant/secure, and increasingly clean energy provided by coal, other memebers of the green fraternity are willing to admit that we need the always on, baseload energy that can only be supplied by a few energy options — coal being the most obvious of those choices.

An April 8th Wall Street Journal article details some of the splits that are now fracturing the green community on this issue.

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28. April 2009 by Jason Hayes
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