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Green jobs going for $9.8 million each

A recent DOE, National Renewal Energy Laboratory report has admitted that between 2009 and 2011 $9 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) in stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act were paid out. That investment created a total of 910 direct jobs. If indirect jobs are added in, the total moves up to 5,510 jobs.

For a $9 billion investment, the administration created just over 900 new, permanent jobs. We could’ve had 20,000 jobs building a pipeline with not a dollar of taxpayer money being wasted.

06. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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End of federal tax credit could spell doom for wind energy

A recent Chicago Tribune article reinforces the relative competitive abilities of the various energy options available to utilities and energy users. The ability of various energy options to compete on a level playing field is an issue that we have been forced to review often on the Coalblog, as we regularly hear how renewable sources are (or will soon be) on par with fossil options.

Given that ever-present prediction of price parity, it is worth it to provide an update on the actual costs associated with producing energy from the various sources. In a recent article discussing an EIA report on federal subsidies for electricity production, the Institute for Energy Research published a staggering graph.

23. February 2012 by Jason Hayes
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MSNBC commentary claims people losing interest in renewables and green jobs

In the August 3rd edition of Chris Matthews’ Hardball, Whitehouse Correspondent and MSNBC commentator, Alex Wagner made some interesting comments about renewable energy and green jobs.

While the general discussion was related to President Obama’s handling of the economy, jobs, and his upcoming reelection bid, the offhand, easy way Wagner dissed both renewable energy and green jobs was telling.

Read them for yourself,

MATTHEWS: We don’t want you on the bus here. We want construction jobs. We want the roads fixed and the bridges fixed and brought up to code. We don’t want you riding around here campaigning this August.

05. August 2011 by Jason Hayes
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