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Using Coal Futures to Manage Uncertainty

Peter Keavey, CME Group
Risk management is more important than ever in today’s coal market. Cheap natural gas (NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas futures prices remain below $3.00) is competing fiercely with coal in the electricity bid stack. The fight to be the low-cost generator has become even more competitive in recent years, as the efficiency of gas-fired generation has steadily improved, while coal-fueled generation has remained relatively unchanged[1]. Proposed environmental regulations, including the EPA’s newly announced Clean Power Plan, which could lead to wide-scale coal plant retirements, are a major source of uncertainty for the future of the coal industry. While many threats to the coal business are difficult to manage, price risk – arguably the biggest determinant of profitability – can be effectively hedged using futures.

24. January 2016 by Jason Hayes
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Alpha cancels WARN notices at WV mines

Some good news for Alpha’s West Virginia mines.

Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (NYSE: ANR) operating affiliates announce that the WARN notices for eight coal mines in West Virginia have expired and the mines and their approximately 750 workers will continue to operate. The longer-term plans for these mines will continue to depend upon market prices and demand.


08. December 2014 by Jason Hayes
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Coal Market Strategies – Policy, Environment, & Technology

Have you registered for the 2014 Coal Market Strategies Conference in Park City, Utah on August 11 – 13?

Coal Market Strategies

During our two-day program, Session III presenters will focus on Policy, the Environment, and Technology.

  • Politics & Policy in 2014 – Prognostications on Mid-term Elections: We will examine the critical factors and races influencing House and Senate majorities. Will the Senate shift, and what’s in it for coal if it does? We will focus on key coal / energy state races, and how Democrats may fare amidst concerns over the ACA rollout and administration/EPA actions to address climate. Plus we’ll take a look ahead to 2016.
    Speaker: Stefan L.B. Bailey, Director, Prime Policy Group 

18. July 2014 by Jason Hayes
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If you haven’t seen “Unplugged” yet, please take 20 minutes and watch this important video, prepared by our friends at PACE. Then remember that the people on the ground are the ones who pay the bill(s) when it comes to electricity – it’s not the government, it’s not big business, it’s not the “rich.”

When extreme regulations force the closure of massive amounts of our nation’s coal-fueled plants, electricity prices go up for everyone. Unfortunately, the people least able to afford  those prices get hit the hardest.

06. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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ACC CEO Presentation to the Holland Board of Public Works

ACC CEO, Janet Gellici gave a presentation discussing coal as a potential fuel to the Holland Board of Public Works. Janet spoke to this gathering on October 6th, 2011.

Potential Fuels – Janet Gellici from Holland BPW on Vimeo.


26. October 2011 by Jason Hayes
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Steel price increases being felt through supply chain

February 3 Wall Street Journal article details the impacts of increasing steel prices throughout the supply chain.

The impact of escalating steel prices in the U.S. is starting to filter through supply chains, with companies that buy and process steel raising their own prices, stockpiling in advance of possible more increases and boosting volume to offset rising costs.

Steelmakers have increased prices six times, for a total increase of 20% to 30%, since November on basic flat-rolled steel, used in everything from cars to toasters, to offset higher input costs of raw materials, such as iron ore and coal. Higher costs for steel, which are expected to continue well into this year, are hitting bottom lines of companies and prompting additional price increases.


03. February 2011 by Jason Hayes
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Dominion receives key state approval for Va plant

Dominion Energy moved one step closer to breaking ground on its proposed Wise County, VA CFB
(circulating fluidized bed) coal plant yesterday as the State Corporation Commission approved the company’s construction plans for the $1.8 billion project.

This is good news for the people of Virgina as the plant will provide them with much needed baseload energy, helping to reduce electricity costs as well as avoid rolling blackouts and power shortages. As media reports have suggested, shortages and rolling blackouts are predicted to hit Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area in as little as four years if serious investments in generating capacity are not made.

02. April 2008 by
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Australian CCS project unveiled

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has an article on a new CO2 sequestration project that is being developed in the Australian state of Victoria. This is an exciting project that demonstrates the commitment of
industry and government around the world to move forward with a "no
regrets" policy of improving efficiencies and reducing emissions,
regardless of the disagreements that may exist over the science
of climate change.

The opening of Australia’s first carbon capture and storage (CCS)
demonstration plant in Victoria has been hailed as a major step toward
making "clean coal" viable.

02. April 2008 by
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2,000 Kentucky miners protest anti-mining bill

[img_assist|nid=854|title=Kentucky Miner’s Protest|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=150|height=136]
[img_assist|nid=855|title=Kentucky Miner’s Protest|desc=|link=url|url=|align=right|width=150|height=135]
As many as 2,000 Kentucky miners rallied at the state capital yesterday to protest a bill aimed at stopping a mining technique known as "mountaintop removal." If passed, thousands of miners could be put out of work and the economic well-being of the area could be severely impacted.

This report provides a short description and video of the miner’s actions.

Kudos to the miners for standing up for their way of lives and for defending the mining industry’s proactive actions to reclaim mine sites as wel as its provision of thousands of jobs and economic stability to the area.

14. March 2008 by
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Using tap water to reduce coal plant emissions

This article
about a recently tested emissions reduction device for coal plant is worth taking a second look at.

A device designed to remove pollutants from coal-fired plant
emissions exceeded expectations in tests conducted during the weekend
at the Martin Drake Power Plant downtown.

The invention, by physicist and entrepreneur David Neumann, of
Colorado Springs, could make coal plants burn cleaner as regulators are
preparing to lower the boom on polluters.

"We showed that (the device) could capture approximately 90 percent
of the sulfur pollutants from the flue gas using only tap water as a
capture fluid," Neumann said.

20. February 2008 by
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