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EPA deletes “navigable” from statute – states sue

Editor’s note: In this article, Ron Arnold takes a close look a the many issues associated with the EPA’s continued overreach in the area of regulation, their close working relationship with extreme environmental groups, and their drastic proposed changes to the Waters of the US rule. This article is reprinted with the permission of the author.


Environmental Protection Agency flooded with lawsuits over controversial water rule

Ron Arnold

EPA Offices, Washington DC

EPA Offices, Washington DC

29. July 2015 by Jason Hayes
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CASE STUDY: Public Communication and Collaboration for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology: Acceptance, Education, and Outreach


Editor’s note: Dr. Brauer presented information on the Richland Community College / Illinois – Industry Carbon Capture and Storage project in the ACC’s May 15th Coal Q&A webcast. Dr Brauer’s presentation was titled “Carbon (Dioxide) Capture and Storage – Public Acceptance 101.” The PowerPoint slides and audio recording of the webcast are available to ACC members in the member section of the ACC website. This article provides further information on the methods used to obtain public support for the IL-ICCS project.


29. July 2015 by Jason Hayes
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A renewable fantasy

Wind TurbineThis July 6th WSJ editorial on the fantasy of relying on renewable energy is a must read. Here’s a few good quotes from the article to get you started.

Recently Bill Gates explained in an interview with the Financial Times why current renewables are dead-end technologies. They are unreliable. Battery storage is inadequate. Wind and solar output depends on the weather. The cost of decarbonization using today’s technology is “beyond astronomical,” Mr. Gates concluded. …

24. July 2015 by Jason Hayes
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The Social Cost of Carbon – real-world impacts

The Social Cost of Carbon - Real-world ImpactsA few months back, I received a copy of Dr. Roger Bezdek‘s presentation titled, “The Social Cost of Carbon: The Actual, Real-World Impact of Obama’s Stealth Energy Tax.” The numbers and facts that Dr. Bezdek presents, are an eye-opener and well worth reviewing.

  • The SCC is an “artificial construct” designed to penalize fossil fuels
  • Allows the “Administration to achieve via regulation what it cannot via Congress” – (remember the President’s “there are other ways to skin a cat” comment when Congress declined to pass the ‘cap and trade’ bill.)
  • SCC lacks any consideration of or for the benefits of CO2

26. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Twin peaks – twin lies

Supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos

Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin

18 year long hiatus in global temperature changeA recent NOAA article is just what Doctor Doom ordered. It claims the 18-year “hiatus” in rising planetary temperatures isn’t really happening. (The “pause” followed a 20-year modest temperature increase, which followed a prolonged cooling period.) The article states:

“Here we present an updated global surface temperature analysis that reveals that global trends are higher than reported by the IPCC, especially in recent decades, and that the central estimate for the rate of warming during the first 15 years of the 21st century is at least as great as the last half of the 20th century. These results do not support the notion of a ‘slowdown’ in the increase of global surface temperature.”

25. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Indiana Governor, Mike Pence rejects EPA Clean Power Plan

Source: "Mike Pence, official portrait, 112th Congress" by United States Congress - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -,_official_portrait,_112th_Congress.jpg#/media/File:Mike_Pence,_official_portrait,_112th_Congress.jpg

Source: “Mike Pence, official portrait, 112th Congress” by United States Congress – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

The National Journal is reporting that Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana has sent a letter to the White House openly rejecting the EPA’s “ill-conceived and poorly constructed” Clean Power Plan. Without “demonstrable” and “significant” improvements in the proposed regulation, Pence says his state “will not comply” with the rule.

Gov. Pence also goes on to note that Indiana will use any means available to block the rule’s implementation and criticizes the rule as damaging to Indiana’s economy. Pence notes that the CPP will impact system reliability, force the state to fundamentally restructure its generation system, and that it oversteps the agency’s legal and Constitutional boundaries.

24. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Doctors in Congress question EPA claims on Asthma and Ozone

A group of doctors in Congress have recently sent a letter to the EPA questioning whether the agency’s plan to mandate the reduction of the current ozone standard from 75 ppb to between 65 and 70 ppb will be worth the expected expense. In the letter, the Congressional Reps noted weaknesses in the EPA’s assumptions, arguments, and research methodologies. For example,

  • There is no correlation between decreasing ozone levels and asthma rates.

    [A]ccording to EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma prevalence has increased by 15 percent since 2001, while ozone concentrations have decreased by 18 percent during the same time period.

22. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Statement of the American Coal Council on the Pope’s Encyclical

June 18, 2015

The Pope’s encyclical on climate change offers the opportunity for the global community to thoughtfully consider quality of life issues and human betterment. Access to affordable energy and electricity must be a primary objective. At least 1.3 of the 7 billion people in the world have no electricity access at all, and more than double that number have inadequate access to it. Basic needs of clean water, sanitation, medical care, lighting, and warmth and cooling are impossible to meet without electricity. Coal is a critical input for meeting those needs, fueling about 40% of the world’s electricity.

18. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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A War to End All Wars

Editor’s note: We welcome this guest post, discussing the “war on coal,” by Greg Walcher, author of “Smoking Them Out.”

By Greg Walcher (originally published 04/17/15 & reprinted with permission)

I attended a conference in April where a number of speakers lamented policies they call “the war on coal.” War is a harsh term, but in general they refer to the current Administration’s stated desire to wean the American economy of its dependence on coal for generating electricity. Both the White House and the EPA deny any “war on coal,” though the national media has reported significant email traffic between them and leaders of the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign.

11. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Impacts of TVA closures are frightening

A recent report by Management Information Services takes a look at the massive, statewide impacts of TVA’s planned closure of almost 3,900 MW of coal-fueled generation and expectations for further closures in the near future. The broad, widespread economic and social impacts on Tennessee’s people, their economy, industry, and productivity are frightening.

A short read of the report’s findings are that, as TVA drops coal from its generation fleet, the people of Tennessee will pay dearly.

  • 20% higher electricity rates
  • $7 billion reduction in gross state product
  • $700 million in lost state and local government tax revenues

11. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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