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Administration releasing plans for 3,415 additional regulations

This Daily Caller article describes how the Obama administration has picked the last few hours remaining before the Thanksgiving holiday to release the updated federal Unified Agenda. The DC article describes the document as,

the Obama administration’s regulatory road map (that) lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months.

The article describes how some 3,415 new regulations are listed, including 189 rules that will cost the U.S. economy more than $100 million.

2013 Federal Register

Sen Mike Lee’s picture of the 2013 Federal Register. Almost 80,000 pages of new regulations passed in 2013.

24. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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McCarthy denies that the pause is climate

A question popped into my head as I was reading/watching this article and video … “who’s the ‘climate denier’ now?”

Just wondering.


20. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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EPA Chief confident

There was an interesting article published in The Hill yesterday, which quotes EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy on the issue of election-based changes in the Senate. Her comments indicate an overweening sense of confidence that public and presidential support will be more than sufficient to stop any attempts to limit EPA actions by the newly elected Republican majority in the Senate and the returning majority in the House.

18. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Can’t speak highly enough about this book and Alex Epstein’s other work. There is a solid moral case to be made for the use of fossil fuels and Alex’s book does a good job outlining that case.

Buy the book. Read the book. Tell others about the book AND talk to people about the value of fossil fuels to humanity.


14. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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Solar-powered protest fail

Solar energy can’t even handle an anti-fossil fuels blow up toy.

This protest presents the world with a powerfully ironic statement on what happens when you expect renewables (even with battery backup) to provide reliable power.

The video is funny and sad at the same time. Funny for the obvious reason that the solar-powered protest went a teensy bit flaccid. Sad that these protestors don’t appear to see the obvious irony and parallels to our larger energy system.

As in real life, when renewable  energy can’t keep up with demand, you have to plug into a reliable, fossil-fueled energy source.

10. October 2014 by Jason Hayes
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EPA tells Scientific Advisory Board “don’t talk”

In what appears to be a direct contradiction to the intent of the EPA’s Scientific Integrity Policy and this administration’s claims to be the “most transparent administration in history,” a memo presented at a “closed-door” July 24th Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting informed members of the advisory board they are not allowed to speak to media or Congress without EPA permission.

That “don’t talk” memo was presented at a closed-door July 24, 2014, portion of EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting, and it was not publicly disclosed at the time. Standard SAB procedure follows federal law in requiring publication of materials distributed to SAB members in advance of a meeting.

08. October 2014 by Jason Hayes
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I am the walrus … so I Guess I’m doing fine …

Source: USFWS

Source: USFWS

“I am the walrus, Goo goo g’joob …”

Sadly, more and more climate-related discussion and the policies resulting from those discussions resemble the songs in “The Magical Mystery Tour.”

Proof of that came with the publications of a frightening media release from the World Wildlife Fund and a report from NOAA. Both of these publications have encouraged a rush of media comment and articles, that argue climate change and retreating Arctic ice are unnaturally stressing walrus populations, thereby forcing them to “haul out” (or congregate) in massive groups on ice-free beaches. Ominous statements infect the articles and paint a bleak and foreboding picture for these ostensibly (climactically) oppressed pinnipeds.

01. October 2014 by Jason Hayes
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American energy security another victim of EPA CO2 regs

Electrical meter - Source / Photographer: Casey Fleser, reprinted under a Creative Commons license

Electrical meter – Source / Photographer: Casey Fleser, reprinted under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Here’s one more article pointing out the high and unintended costs of the EPA’s pending GHG regulations.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog describes (from a variety of reports) how prices across the nation could increase by 6%-7%, or even as much as 12%. They also note that overall consumer costs will increase, electricity rates will increase, and electric reliability will decrease, leaving residents and businesses in the dark and potentially stopping a budding American manufacturing renaissance.

30. September 2014 by Jason Hayes
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A German coal binge

Most people just don’t know that Germany, the darling of the European renewables industry, is in the middle of a massive build-up of its coal-fueled generation fleet. Some, as this WSJ author does, might call it a “coal binge.”

Berlin’s “energy revolution” is going great—if you own a coal mine. The German shift to renewable power sources that started in 2000 has brought the green share of German electricity up to around 25%. But the rest of the energy mix has become more heavily concentrated on coal, which now accounts for some 45% of power generation and growing.


30. September 2014 by Jason Hayes
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Deroy Murdock’s recent NRO article on the ‘green-ness’ of so-called green energy takes renewable energy head on. His article demonstrates, once again, that all forms of energy have impacts on the environment. It is, therefore, the job of the energy industry, elected officials, regulators, and the media to provide balanced facts on the relative costs and benefits of energy policy choices. It is also the job of government and regulators to avoid selecting (and promoting) some energy options at the expense of others, especially when the selected energy sources have their own long (and growing) list of environmental and economic negatives they need to address.

30. September 2014 by Jason Hayes
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