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“Crucify them” ex-EPA official now working for Sierra Club

Tell me again that there is no links between the EPA and the extreme green industry.

Former EPA Region 6 Administrator, the fellow who famously described the EPA’s enforcement policy of “crucifying” noncompliant organizations, has officially joined the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign.

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official who resigned earlier this year for comparing his work to crucifixion has found new employment with a leading green group.

The Sierra Club on Friday announced that Al Armendariz would be joining the group’s “Beyond Coal” campaign next month as a senior representative. […]

02. July 2012 by Jason Hayes
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EPA earning a reputation for abuse

The EPA is earning a reputation for abuse

Interestingly, this short article doesn’t discuss the EPA’s regulations targeted at the coal industry when there is a host of other examples to pick from there.


04. May 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Time for the EPA to stop putting politics before facts

Lance Brown with PACE has a good editorial in the Houston Chronicle where he argues that it is time for the EPA to quit with the political games and move back to regulation that is based in science and reason.

Brown recounts the story of Al Armendariz, former EPA Region 6 Administrator who joked about his department’s “philosophy of enforcement” that included “crucifying” fossil fuel producers and “making examples of them” to ensure other energy producers would quickly fall in line with his department’s regulatory initiatives. Brown quite rightly points out that,

03. May 2012 by Jason Hayes
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EPA Official explains his department’s “philosophy of enforcement”

This video of Al Armendariz, EPA’s Region VI Administrator provides a very clear view into the mind and intentions of at least one high-ranking EPA official – Armedariz states that he is responsible for 150 EPA agents and for enforcement activities across five states.

While answering a question in a public meeting, Mr. Armendariz likened his “enforcement philosophy” to the methods employed by Roman legions to control populations of defeated countries.

… Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean: they’d go into little Turkish towns somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they’d crucify them. Then … you know … that town was really easy to manage for the next few years … You make examples out of them.”

26. April 2012 by Jason Hayes
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