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Fossil Fuel Producers Must Begin to Work Together

Fossil Fuel Producers Should Work TogetherEditor’s Note: This article was originally published in Issue 2, 2015 of American Coal Magazine (pg. 30-32)

In February 2011, I spoke at the Fifth Annual Energy Forum and Expo in Grand Junction, CO. As I ran through my presentation, I listed some of the pressures being applied to the U.S. coal industry. I also made sure to caution the many members of the natural gas industry that were present to restrain their schadenfreude over the coal industry’s current challenges. In the best of scenarios, I warned, they would have only a few short years before they began to experience the same destructive attacks.

21. November 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Feel the power


02. November 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Coal Trading Conference: Reid Wilson confirmed as Luncheon keynote

2015 Coal Trading Conference

Reid Wilson is confirmed as the Luncheon Keynote speaker at the 2015 Coal Trading Conference. Reid is the chief political correspondent and Congress editor for Morning Consult. He is an expert in spotting political trends as they develop and forecasting election results long before the ballots are counted.

Don’t miss the “The Greatest Political Mind of Our Time” (as named by Comedy Central in 2012). 

Click here to register today!


27. October 2015 by Jason Hayes
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And yet still more on divestment

I continue to receive almost weekly requests from reporters who are asking for comment on California passing a law to force their pension plans to divest from coal. To help speed the process, I prepared a statement on the issue and have reprinted it here for Coalblog readers.

— Jason

Regarding the issue of California passing SB 185, a law which requires state pension plans (CalPERS and CalSTRS) to divest from their coal holdings.

First off, with noted environmentally-focused investors like George Soros and Tom Clarke investing in coal stocks and coal companies it seems that the state of California may actually be behind the trends on this issue. 

16. October 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Coal’s Place in the Energy and Electricity Space

Betsy Monseu’s recently published article in the Electricity Journal is freely available via the link below until September 22nd. We encourage everyone to check it out while it is still available.

Coal is under pressure in the United States, and not the natural kind of pressure involved in its creation from plant material. The pressure coal is under today is of a distinctly unnatural kind, shaped by an increasingly far-reaching and unbalanced regulatory agenda. The energy playing field continues to be tilted away from coal, a primary target of that agenda. Yet coal’s leading position as a critical fuel in the electricity marketplace continues. Though its share of that marketplace has generally been trending down over the past several years, coal remains the largest of any fuel source for electric generation. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts coal to retain the leading position in 2015 as well as over the longer term – including a 34 percent share in 2040.

14. September 2015 by Jason Hayes
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EPA targets coal states with CPP

From the Institute for Energy Research blog “EPA Goes After Coal Generating States in Final Carbon Plan.”

President Obama told America in 2008 that “if you want to build a coal plant, you can, but it will bankrupt you.” Now, he is using EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ to hurt the states that generate power largely from coal—states that have the lowest electricity prices in the nation due to their inexpensive and dependable coal-fired generation.


17. August 2015 by Jason Hayes
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We need both clean AND affordable energy

Editor’s note: I just posted this piece as response to yet another article that plays the tired and cliched “dirty coal” game. It’s time for those of us who support American jobs, as well as affordable, secure, domestic AND clean energy to start speaking up. – We need both clean AND affordable Energy.

Coal can and should play a pivotal role in our energy supply

I was disheartened to see Nithin Coca’s recent article make use of the tired epithet “dirty coal” to attack an energy resource that – despite recent market difficulties – continues to provide this country with almost 40% of its electricity needs. Unfortunately the term “dirty coal” conveniently and simplistically ignores the real-life use of technology that makes coal increasingly clean today.

04. August 2015 by Jason Hayes
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ACC Statement on EPA Clean Power Plan Regulation

ACC Logo

Click here to read the full American Coal Council statement on the EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan Regulation

The final Clean Power Plan continues EPA’s execution of President Obama’s legacy climate change agenda. It is a risky, expensive, and misguided regulatory scheme, devoid of any real climate impact. The increased emphasis on inefficient, intermittent renewables for electricity generation in the final plan only intensifies concerns about grid reliability. The Energy Information Administration projected closure of 90 gigawatts of coal capacity under EPA’s proposed plan. That’s nearly one third of the existing coal fleet, and that number is likely to rise under the final rule. With such drastic reductions, coal plants will be far less available to back up renewables or to buffer spiking natural gas prices. …

03. August 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Coal use growing around the world

While coal has lost market share in the U.S. due to a mix of low gas prices and extreme, anti-coal regulation, Rob Nikolewski’s recent Watchdog.org article  shows how coal use is growing rapidly around the world.

“Coal remained the fastest-growing fossil fuel in 2013 in both absolute and relative terms, accounting for approximately 30 percent of global primary energy consumption, second only to oil,” said an IEA report on coal markets, released in December.

Another IEA report, published in May, tracking the progress of clean energy showed low-priced coal was the fastest-growing fossil fuel in 2013 and that coal production worldwide outpaced the growth of oil and gas in 2012.

22. July 2015 by Jason Hayes
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A War to End All Wars

Editor’s note: We welcome this guest post, discussing the “war on coal,” by Greg Walcher, author of “Smoking Them Out.”

By Greg Walcher (originally published 04/17/15 & reprinted with permission)

I attended a conference in April where a number of speakers lamented policies they call “the war on coal.” War is a harsh term, but in general they refer to the current Administration’s stated desire to wean the American economy of its dependence on coal for generating electricity. Both the White House and the EPA deny any “war on coal,” though the national media has reported significant email traffic between them and leaders of the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign.

11. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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