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US coal producers push to grow global footprint


18. March 2013 by Jason Hayes
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US coal exports booming


06. March 2013 by Jason Hayes
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“Whiny” column attacks green consultants for daring to work on NW export projects

The first thing that popped into my head as I read David Robert’s recent spittle-flecked, frothing tirade was a quote, often attributed to Gandhi,

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Clearly the staff at grist have moved beyond ignoring and laughing and are now jumping, with both feet, into what they hope will be a fist fight. Demonstrating the truth of my contention is Roberts’ recent column “Seattle ‘green’ consultants sell out for coal money, whine.” Roberts’ efforts can best be described as a public hissy fit, complete with four-letter words, logical fallacies, and all the personal hatred, vitriol, and ad hominem one can dish up in a few hundred words. Roberts’ choice of title was also somewhat ironic, given that the only whining one notices here is within his own column.

28. February 2013 by Jason Hayes
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Targeting Southern ports next

It’s not enough that the green industry is trying to stop the development of thousands of jobs and multiple millions in local and state tax revenues, along with potentially billions in infrastructure investments in the Pacific Northwest. Now they are apparently also interested in stopping ports and terminal developments in the South as well.

04. February 2013 by Jason Hayes
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1200 new coal plants planned worldwide

A World Resources Institute (WRI) working paper, titled “Global Coal Risk Assessment” indicates that across the world, 1,199 new coal plants – representing a total capacity of 1.4 million MW – are proposed to be built. These plants are proposed in 59 countries. China and India will have almost 80% of the proposed plants.

While this report attempts to paint the construction of new coal plants as something negative, it does provide a complete list of proposed new coal construction.

03. December 2012 by Jason Hayes
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American Coal magazine – Issue 2, 2012 released

This election-focused issue recognizes that our votes can have consequences and can make a difference in energy policy and the direction of energy generation in this country. We discuss the very real challenges that we continue to face as an industry and encourage our readers to get educated and involved.

In this issue we look at:

  • Where the president will stand on coal in January by reviewing “The Good, the bad, and the ugly” of past policies and quotes from the two presidential candidates
  • The “EPA Train Wreck”
  • The science of coal ash exposure risk

03. October 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Coal exports setting new records

We’ve heard it said in American Coal Council conferences, and I told it to an AP reporter this morning, even if some of the people in this country are naive enough to think we can stop using abundant, affordable, and increasingly clean American coal, the rest of the world is striving to get ahold of it.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported some of the rapidly growing export numbers this week,

U.S. exports of coal and fuels such as gasoline and diesel continue to soar. Both categories are on track to set new annual records, according to government data.

16. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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US Coal exports growing

2011 Monthly Coal Production Source: EIA

Since much of the media attention surrounding coal mirrors the marketing of the radical green industry, it’s unlikely that most have heard about a growing sector of the U.S. coal industry.

While overall coal production remained essentially flat, coal exports in 2010 grew to 7.5% of US coal production and 2011 numbers were expected to easily outpace the previous year.


Hayward: US Coal Exports 2000 - 2010


05. January 2012 by Jason Hayes
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