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Leaked Sierra Club docs show $150 million to spend on attacking coal

Leaked Sierra Club documents reveal the “green” group’s plans for their massive multi-million dollar “Beyond Coal” campaign. The confidential document shows that the group planned to spend $150 million dollars just attacking coal jobs and forcing energy prices higher.

“…we will run a strategic national campaign that pushes and supports EPA to issue a series of new pollution-cutting rules relating to each step in the coal lifecycle, including coal mining, coal burning, and disposal of coal ash.”

27. March 2014 by Jason Hayes
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Sierra Club admits to spending $27 million to kill coal jobs

Tell me again that the Sierra Club is just a small, grassroots bunch of concerned citizens … who just happen to have a $27 million budget to blow on litigation.

A published report found the Sierra Club spent $27 million on its “Beyond Coal” campaign last year. Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association, recently called that number “disturbing.”

The article by SNL Financial Dec. 2 attributed the $27 million figure to documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service. The SNL article quoted Bruce Nilles, Beyond Coal’s senior director, as saying a large share of that went to legal fees, and much of that was in appeals that targeted coal companies and coal-burning utilities.

06. December 2013 by Jason Hayes
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Anti-coal export protestors dine in luxury and train for violence

The rank hypocrisy of the green industry protestors apparently knows no bounds.

It is an education to watch the videos of the anti-coal export protests that were carried out over the past weekend (July 28, 2013) in Vancouver, WA.

30. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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EPA regs force another plant to close

One more coal plant is closing thanks to extreme EPA regulations and green industry pressure.

What makes this closure even more troublesome is the fact that AEP — the utility that runs the plant — had initially planned to convert it to natural gas. However, “high regulatory costs and market conditions” forced them to shutter the plant instead (Apparently natural gas is even becoming a casualty of the green industry and EPA’s regulatory schemes.)

18. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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Beyond Affordable

I’m glad to see the effort of the Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy getting out to the public. Their latest work is a website, titled “Beyond Affordable.”

This website takes a look at a challenge that we have been facing from the extreme green industry for several years and recognizes that the apparent goal of groups like the Sierra Club is to make energy “beyond affordable” for the average person.

The Sierra Club knows that if electricity becomes expensive enough, you will use less of it. That is their solution – their only solution – to improving the environment.

04. December 2012 by Jason Hayes
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“Crucify them” ex-EPA official now working for Sierra Club

Tell me again that there is no links between the EPA and the extreme green industry.

Former EPA Region 6 Administrator, the fellow who famously described the EPA’s enforcement policy of “crucifying” noncompliant organizations, has officially joined the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign.

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official who resigned earlier this year for comparing his work to crucifixion has found new employment with a leading green group.

The Sierra Club on Friday announced that Al Armendariz would be joining the group’s “Beyond Coal” campaign next month as a senior representative. […]

02. July 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Sierra Club moves beyond coal to target natural gas

This article demonstrates something that I have been telling listeners in my writing and public speaking for years. When the environmental industry feels comfortable in its ability to attack and suppress one form of energy, they inevitably move on to the next. For those who believed the stories that green groups viewed natural gas as a good transition fuel, this is the outcome. For them natural gas was simply the next target.

04. May 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Sierra Club anti-coal campaign has cost >1 million jobs

A recently released study has revealed that, if Sierra Club claims are accurate, then their anti-coal campaign has cost as many as 1.24 million jobs across the country.

The Sierra Club’s effort to transition away from coal-fired power in the US has potentially cost 1.24 million jobs in 36 states, according to an analysis released Wednesday by the National Mining Association.

The Beyond Coal Campaign’s mission, according to the Sierra Club, is to move away from coal by stopping construction of new coal-fired power plants, phasing out existing plants and keeping coal reserves in the ground and out of international markets.

06. October 2011 by Jason Hayes
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Sierra Club up to their dirty tricks again

In June of last year, I took part in a moderated debate with Bruce Nilles, head of the Sierra Club’s anti-coal group. We had a lively discussion and batted information and statistics back an forth for about an hour and a half. However, many of Nilles’ arguments were spiced with dirty tricks and personal attacks. Those questionable tactics reached a pronounced low point when he tried to attack the idea of using coal to produce transportation fuels (at the 34 minute mark of the video). He argued,

02. April 2010 by Jason Hayes
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