Coal’s Place in the Energy and Electricity Space

Betsy Monseu’s recently published article in the Electricity Journal is freely available via the link below until September 22nd. We encourage everyone to check it out while it is still available.

Coal is under pressure in the United States, and not the natural kind of pressure involved in its creation from plant material. The pressure coal is under today is of a distinctly unnatural kind, shaped by an increasingly far-reaching and unbalanced regulatory agenda. The energy playing field continues to be tilted away from coal, a primary target of that agenda. Yet coal’s leading position as a critical fuel in the electricity marketplace continues. Though its share of that marketplace has generally been trending down over the past several years, coal remains the largest of any fuel source for electric generation. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts coal to retain the leading position in 2015 as well as over the longer term – including a 34 percent share in 2040.

14. September 2015 by Jason Hayes
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EPA targets coal states with CPP

From the Institute for Energy Research blog “EPA Goes After Coal Generating States in Final Carbon Plan.”

President Obama told America in 2008 that “if you want to build a coal plant, you can, but it will bankrupt you.” Now, he is using EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ to hurt the states that generate power largely from coal—states that have the lowest electricity prices in the nation due to their inexpensive and dependable coal-fired generation.


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Doctrinaire fanatics

Classic lines from Luke Popovich’s “Dateline Washington – EPA Down on the MAT” piece in the July 2015 issue of Coal Age.

“Lawmakers did not anticipate … that the nation’s energy grid would one day be transformed by doctrinaire fanatics running an environmental agency that is indifferent to cost, to the law, to congress and to public opinion. That sounds like the old Soviet Politburo, not the U.S. government. …

The words of Justice Scalia in the majority opinion should be inscribed over the portals of the EPA’s headquarters: ‘It is not rational, never mind ‘appropriate,’ to impose billions of dollars in economic costs in return for a few dollars in health benefits.’”

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We need both clean AND affordable energy

Editor’s note: I just posted this piece as response to yet another article that plays the tired and cliched “dirty coal” game. It’s time for those of us who support American jobs, as well as affordable, secure, domestic AND clean energy to start speaking up. – We need both clean AND affordable Energy.

Coal can and should play a pivotal role in our energy supply

I was disheartened to see Nithin Coca’s recent article make use of the tired epithet “dirty coal” to attack an energy resource that – despite recent market difficulties – continues to provide this country with almost 40% of its electricity needs. Unfortunately the term “dirty coal” conveniently and simplistically ignores the real-life use of technology that makes coal increasingly clean today.

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ACC Statement on EPA Clean Power Plan Regulation

ACC Logo

Click here to read the full American Coal Council statement on the EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan Regulation

The final Clean Power Plan continues EPA’s execution of President Obama’s legacy climate change agenda. It is a risky, expensive, and misguided regulatory scheme, devoid of any real climate impact. The increased emphasis on inefficient, intermittent renewables for electricity generation in the final plan only intensifies concerns about grid reliability. The Energy Information Administration projected closure of 90 gigawatts of coal capacity under EPA’s proposed plan. That’s nearly one third of the existing coal fleet, and that number is likely to rise under the final rule. With such drastic reductions, coal plants will be far less available to back up renewables or to buffer spiking natural gas prices. …

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CMS 2015 – Regulatory Spotlight – Clean Power Plan


“Coal – Evolving in the Energy Space” – Regulatory Spotlight – Clean Power Plan

With the release of EPA’s final Clean Power Plan just one week before Coal Market Strategies, the timing of our conference couldn’t be better. Meet your coal sector colleagues in Park City, Utah August 10-12, 2015 and benefit from up-to-the minute expert insight and analysis on these critical regulations and other important topics.

Don’t miss out! Register today

EPA’s carbon rules will be addressed by two speakers:

Allison Wood, Partner, Hunton and Williams – Legal issues

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EPA to give two more years for CPP compliance?

The rumors circulating around the web appear to indicate that the EPA will release the final version of its Clean Power Plan by August 3rd, 2015.

Further information leaked by the New York Times and EnergyWire indicates the updated plan will allow an additional two years for states to design compliance plans for the CPP, meaning they will now be due in 2018.

CPP timeline


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EPA deletes “navigable” from statute – states sue

Editor’s note: In this article, Ron Arnold takes a close look a the many issues associated with the EPA’s continued overreach in the area of regulation, their close working relationship with extreme environmental groups, and their drastic proposed changes to the Waters of the US rule. This article is reprinted with the permission of the author.


Environmental Protection Agency flooded with lawsuits over controversial water rule

Ron Arnold

EPA Offices, Washington DC

EPA Offices, Washington DC

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CASE STUDY: Public Communication and Collaboration for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology: Acceptance, Education, and Outreach


Editor’s note: Dr. Brauer presented information on the Richland Community College / Illinois – Industry Carbon Capture and Storage project in the ACC’s May 15th Coal Q&A webcast. Dr Brauer’s presentation was titled “Carbon (Dioxide) Capture and Storage – Public Acceptance 101.” The PowerPoint slides and audio recording of the webcast are available to ACC members in the member section of the ACC website. This article provides further information on the methods used to obtain public support for the IL-ICCS project.


29. July 2015 by Jason Hayes
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CMS 2015 – Special Guest Speaker Fred Palmer


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palmerThe American Coal Council welcomes Fredrick (Fred) Palmer as our special guest speaker at the upcoming Coal Market Strategies conference August 10-12, 2015 in Park City, Utah.

Mr. Palmer has been involved with Peabody Energy since 2001, serving for many years as Peabody’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations and most recently as Special Advisor to the Office of the Executive Chairman. As of July 2015, he serves Peabody in a consulting role. Mr. Palmer is a member of the National Coal Council, Executive Committee, and Chairman, Coal Policy Committee.

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