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Information on the TVA ash spill

On Monday, December 22, a dike failed at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant releasing about 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash that now cover about 275 acres. No injuries occurred, but about 40 area homes were affected. TVA and Roane County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security responded immediately, and response and recovery

This is the opening segment from a TVA fact sheet with information on the recent ash spill in Tennessee.

To help our members and the public better understand the spill or access up to date information on the clean up efforts, we are providing links to the TVA website and the site of our sister organization, The American Coal Ash Association.

We encourage anyone looking for information on the spill to go to the TVA website.
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NMA ACT Alert allows comment on EPA GHG rulemaking

The EPA is still accepting public comment on moves to extend the Clean Air Act to include regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Click here to review a just released NMA ACT Alert that rightly describes the potential outcomes of these proposed rules as having potentially "devastating effects througout the entire U.S. economy."

Through the same page, you can also send comments to EPA Administrator, Stephen Johnson, requesting that the management of this nation’s GHGs be left to our elected officials.

Comments will only be accepted to November 28th, therefore, persons wishing to take this opportunity to comment on the rulemaking must do so immediately.

Click here to access the NMA ACT Alert and comment submission form.

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MIT research: Chinese coal infrastructure is modern

A November 1 article in POWER Magazine relates the findings of recent MIT research which investigates the rapid development of coal-fueled generation throughout China.

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ACC comments on Senator Obama’s coal policy

Recent comments have been attributed to Senator Obama regarding the implementation of a cap and trade system for carbon dioxide emissions, that could "bankrupt" the coal industry or those who plan to build coal-fueled generation plants.

As a non-partisan organization, the American Coal Council does not take positions on the outcome of the election. Nor do we lobby for the implementation of specific policies or legislation.

It is extremely important, however, for both candidates to recognize the value and stability that the coal industry provides for our economy. "Bankrupting" the source of half of our electrical power would have profound negative economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Coal currently provides half of our domestic electricity supply. It does so at rates well below most other competing energy sources. "Bankrupting" one of our nation’s most abundant and affordable, energy resources would cause rapid increases in energy costs for main street and our nation’s businesses. Additionally, tens of thousands of jobs would be lost in our mining, utility, and related service industries.

The ACC believes that this issue points to the continuing need to educate policy makers on the pivitol role that coal plays in our economy.

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EU Changes its tune on CO2 emissions from developing nations

In a dramatic shift away from their 15-year long commitment to the theme of "common but differentiated responsibilities,"EU nations have adopted a position very similar to the American notion that developing countries must commit to specific carbon reduction targets as part of the post-2012 Kyoto agreement.

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BC Political Scientist: forget climate change & focus on the economy

An Oct. 23rd Globe & Mail article on the rapid downturn in Canadian economic well-being had an interesting quote from a respected, British Columbian political scientist, Norman Ruff.

Ruff discussed British Columbia Premier, Gordon Campbell’s, moves to bolster the economy and keep the province of BC a "deficit-free zone" through a mix of spending restraint and tax cuts. In his opinion, one could also easily see a suggestion (or a warning?) for other governments that might consider following British Columbia down the path of taxing carbon emissions.

"He’s drawn the lesson that everyone told him he should draw from the federal election, that ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’ He has to get off his fixation with climate change and show he’s concerned about the economy…"

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ACCCE radio ad: The Voices of Voters

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy has released their latest radio ad that discusses the concerns and interests of American voters.


You can see their other ads on the ACCCE website.

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Gore once again calling for direct action against new coal plants

Last September we reported in the Coalblog about former Vice President Al Gore’s calls for young people to engage in civil disobedience as a means of stopping the construction of new coal plants.

We are now treating the Earth’s atmosphere as an open sewer … I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking
bulldozers … and preventing them from constructing
coal-fired power plants.

In that post we also noted how NASA climate scientist James Hansen
continued in his moves further into a more extreme activist form of
"science" by joining Gore in his calls for direct action.

It seems to me that young people, especially, should be doing whatever
is necessary to block construction of dirty (no CCS) coal-fired power

At the September 24th meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative, the former Vice President upped the ante by once again calling for civil disobediance and direct action against new coal-fueled plants.

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British court OKs vandalism of UK coal plants

In a September 10, 08 ruling a British jury handed down a ruling that essentially encourages vandalism of the UKs coal-fueled power plants.

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Biden: “No coal plants here in America”

According to this Wonk Room (Think Progress) blog posting, Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, stated — at a September 17, 2008 campaign stop — that the Obama campaign was "not supporting clean coal."

That comment came when Biden answered a question from an environmental activist in the crowd about energy options for the country. In response, he clearly stated his strong support of renewable energy technologies like solar and wind and then moved on to attack coal as "dirty" and claimed it was "causing people to die." He made it abundantly clear that he was "not supporting clean coal."

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