Senate extends climate bill to 2010 – but time is short

The NY Times is reporting the three main players in the development of a new climate bill are busily wordsmithing and trying to build the 60 votes needed to push the bill through the senate. The same article also notes that Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman will have a very short window of opportunity to get their bill passed before the mid-term elections make the issue too toxic for those facing a difficult campaign season.

The new year is still seven weeks away, but the 2010 clock is already ticking for advocates of a sweeping global warming and energy bill.

Next November’s midterm elections loom large, leaving the climate bill sponsors until about the end of March to notch the 60 votes necessary to pass their bill off the floor and into a conference with the House that would best be finished before the summer. …

Yet even with that history, advocates for the climate bill say they envision a best-case scenario where the Senate passes the bill by March, which then leaves enough time for a House-Senate conference that wraps up by Memorial Day. Considering the politics surrounding the debate, that would give lawmakers a five-month buffer to explain their position to the voters come November.”I’d imagine most would want to have as much distance between their vote on climate and Election Day,” said Chelsea Maxwell, a former senior climate aide to retired Sen. John Warner (R-Va.).

19. November 2009 by Jason Hayes
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