Project No Project

The Project No-Project website is a new effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce aimed at promoting the permitting and construction of new energy generation capacity. As the website notes, many citizens and green groups who are “thinking globally are often acting locally to stop the projects that would create jobs and reduce CO2 emissions.”

Rather than support upgrades and improving efficiencies, or the construction of new, more efficient coal-fueled generation, many people simply take on a “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBY) mindset. Unfortunately that mindset not only restricts opportunities to employ cleaner technologies, it also harms all those people suffering from rising costs and limited job opportunities.

Here’s a map showing a portion of all the canceled or delayed generation projects. Take special note of the fact that it is not only coal projects that are being stopped. The NIMBY mindset is also ensuring that nuclear, natural gas, wind, biomass, solar, hydro, and transmission projects are being shelved. In fact, U.S. Chamber of Commerce data shows that there are more renewable projects being canceled than coal projects (that’s not something you’ll read about in the news).

Eventually, something is going to have to change. We can’t all continue to demand more and more and more energy for our laptops, iPods, cell phones, and LCD TVs, while refusing to allow utilities to build generation capacity to supply that energy.

08. January 2010 by Jason Hayes
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