Permit delays jeopardize American jobs

A recently released Wood Mackenzie report paints a frightening picture of the potential impacts of permit delays on Gulf of Mexico oil production. The report notes that chronic permit delays threaten the country’s energy security, endanger as many as 125,000 jobs in 2015, and could lead to reduced oil production (as much as 680,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2019).

While the report discusses the oil industry, it’s findings are still directly applicable to the American coal industry. With the recent EPA revocation of Arch Coal’s Section 404 permit, impending EPA moves against greenhouse gases and other emissions, the potential for massive negative cumulative energy, economic, social, and environmental impacts are growing more real each day.

This report is only one more straw on a heavily-laden camel’s back. It highlights the dangerous game that elected officials and regulatory agencies are playing with much needed permits and jobs, as well as our overall energy security.

26. January 2011 by Jason Hayes
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