Public perception of climate science is not good

More and more the area of climate science is falling into the realm of politics and out of the realm of science.

Recently published findings on the Rasmussen Reports site shows that the field of climate science losing public support. Rasmussen’s latest telephone survey of American Adults indicated that 69% believe that some climate scientists have “falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs.” 40% of American adults believed that is was “Very Likely” that scientists have falsified data, while only 6% believe that its “Not At All Likely.”

Rasmussen reports that the number of adults who believe climate scientists have falsified data has increased by 10 points since December 2009.

The report also indicated that 57% of adults believe their is “significant disagreement” amongst scientists on the causes and potential impacts of global warming. Only 25% believe that there is a consensus on the science  and another 18% aren’t sure.

12. August 2011 by Jason Hayes
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