Coal mining helps reduce jobless rate

When McDowell county West Virginia was suffering under a “much worse than average” unemployment rate, they looked to coal to remedy the situation. Both direct and indirect jobs related to mining have helped to pick up the county’s economy this year.

Ron Wyatt, manager with the WorkForce West Virginia Career Center in Welch, said the increase in jobs created directly or indirectly through the coal mining industry are helping combat unemployment numbers.

“There is a lot of factors that have caused unemployment to drop from what it was last year,” Wyatt said. “We’ve had a lot of coal mining activity going on in the area, which has been attracting both male and female applicants. I know we have support industries that go along with the coal mining, which are the ones that pick up a lot of activity when the mines start working as well. …”

28. September 2011 by Jason Hayes
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