HR 2273 – Coal Residuals Reuse & Management Act

Citizens for Recycling First
On July 13th, the a bipartisan vote in the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a bill that would block the EPA from regulating coal ash as a “hazardous waste” and also direct states to enact permit programs that have been modeled after successful municipal solid waste programs.

This bill would create a state-administered program for regulating and managing coal ash disposal that is similar to programs managing municipal solid waste (which is actually a a far more difficult task). In the unlikely event a state was unable or unwilling to manage coal ash disposal and recycling, the EPA would be empowered to direct the program.

The bill is now awaiting a floor vote in the House. Those people concerned about preserving coal ash recycling can go to the Citizens for Recycling First website for more information and links on how they can get involved and support the continued use and recycling of coal combustion products.

05. October 2011 by Jason Hayes
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