EPA “Hellbent” on regulating without regard to economic impact

Interesting comment from Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) last week on the EPAs regulatory objectives, as reported on thehill.com.

Rep. Capito makes it clear that the resistance to the EPA’s extreme agenda is not about removing environmental regulation. Instead, the discussion being had today is about encouraging the EPA to recognize that its regulations have a broader impact than just the environment – economic and social impacts need to be recognized as well.

“We’ve had a back-and-forth [with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson] on whether they actually do look at job creation and job losses and the economic impacts of the regulations that they’re creating,” Capito said. “It’s obvious they do not. [Jackson] told me that, and her folks have said that too — not just to me, but to numerous other people.” …

I think it’s troublesome,” Capito continued. “We have 9.1 percent unemployment. We can do this a better way, but it’s an agenda, an environmental agenda that is really, I think, stopping in the tracks our most abundant resource, which is coal. But it’s also into natural gas — it’s everywhere, and they’re just hellbent — excuse my language — to regulate without regard to economic impact.”


02. November 2011 by Jason Hayes
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