Study shows carbon storage is secure

A recent study that looked at the security of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) related underground carbon storage is demonstrating injected carbon is staying in deep geological locations.

The study reviewed CO2 samples from the soil around EOR injection sites and found no indication that the CO2 had leaked from oil reservoirs 1.5 km below the surface.

Third-party research has confirmed that the carbon dioxide (CO2) Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX, NYSE: CVE) uses for enhanced oil recovery at its Weyburn operation is not linked to CO2 concentrations in the soil at a nearby property.

“These results provide complete assurance to landowners and the public that the CO2 we’re injecting about 1.5 kilometres below the ground is staying put and that our Weyburn operation is safe,” said Brad Small, Cenovus Vice-President, Oil & Natural Gas, Saskatchewan.

Cenovus, which operates the Weyburn Unit on behalf of 23 other partners, made a commitment to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources to evaluate whether CO2 in the soil and other reported issues at a nearby property were a result of its operations. Several third-party specialists were contracted to conduct a site assessment.

“Our findings indicate that there is absolutely no way CO2 in the soil at the property in question originated from Cenovus’s operation in Weyburn,” said Court Sandau, PhD in analytical chemistry, founder of ChemistryMatters and lead scientist for the site assessment. “Using isotope dating, we can differentiate between ‘young’ and ‘old’ carbon samples. The CO2 that Cenovus injects comes from coal deposits, which were formed millions of years ago. Our findings assert that the CO2 present at the property was formed recently and is attributed to natural soil respiration processes.”

Readers can see the remainder of the post on the Cenovous website.

02. December 2011 by Jason Hayes
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