Coal demand grows 6% in 2011

The recently released BP Statistical Review of World Energy provides an interesting look into the use of coal in 2011. This latest edition of the BP Review reports that global coal use grew by 440 million metric tonnes (6%).

As one Australian blog noted, this is “the biggest annual increase on record.”

At 6% over the year, it comes on top of a 5% increase in 2010, and tops off what has been a phenomenal 10-year increase in annual production of almost 3 billion tonnes at an annual average growth rate of 4.6%.

While coal use has dropped in the US over the past year, the massive growth of coal use seen in China and India has pushed coal back to almost equal with oil for overall energy production. If demand growth continues at even a slight fraction of the past decade coal will move past oil as the world’s most valuable energy commodity.

That’s an amazing feat for an energy source that has been castigated as being on its last legs by anti-coal special interests.

Read the full BP Review here.

31. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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