South Dakota mining graduates earn more than Harvard grads

Interesting news going around the Internet.

Apparently students who graduate from the South Dakota School of Mining and Technology are earning more than Harvard grads.

This revelation was made more interesting for me, due to the fact that I just visited the SDSMT campus last week. While there, I was invited to speak with to one of the classes and a five to ten minute introduction quickly became a 35 minute discussion with the students I can see why SDSMT grads are able to good paying careers in the mining industry and are outpacing their Harvard-educated contemporaries. The students that I met were clearly intelligent, well versed on the issues of the day and had many excellent questions that demonstrated a keen interest in the industry they were preparing to enter.

Media coverage of this issue is on,

Recent graduates of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T) earned more on average than those graduating from Harvard, Bloomberg News reports. The median salary of the Rapid City school’s graduates was $56,700. By contrast, the median salary of Harvard graduates — where the tuition is nearly four times as high as at SDSM&T — was $54,100.

Bloomberg discusses the two school’s earning potential on video

21. September 2012 by Jason Hayes
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