1200 new coal plants planned worldwide

A World Resources Institute (WRI) working paper, titled “Global Coal Risk Assessment” indicates that across the world, 1,199 new coal plants – representing a total capacity of 1.4 million MW – are proposed to be built. These plants are proposed in 59 countries. China and India will have almost 80% of the proposed plants.

While this report attempts to paint the construction of new coal plants as something negative, it does provide a complete list of proposed new coal construction.

This report supports the argument made by many that while coal may be experiencing setbacks in the U.S., across the world the coal industry is in a “global supercyle.” This means that coal-fueled electricity generation is growing rapidly. According the WRI report),

  • Global coal use was over 7.2 billion tonnes in 2010.
  • The global coal trade grew by 13.4% in 2010 (to 1.1 billion tonnes)
  • 483 power companies have proposed 1,199 new coal-fueled plants, representing over 1.4 million MW of capacity
  • The growing demand for new coal power and low cost energy provided by coal is allowing for many new infrastructure developments across the world

03. December 2012 by Jason Hayes
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