Targeting Southern ports next

It’s not enough that the green industry is trying to stop the development of thousands of jobs and multiple millions in local and state tax revenues, along with potentially billions in infrastructure investments in the Pacific Northwest. Now they are apparently also interested in stopping ports and terminal developments in the South as well.

Currently, there are numerous fights being waged in the Pacific Northwest to combat expansion of their coal export terminals. … In light of the controversy surrounding export terminals in the Northwest, coal companies nationally are hedging their bets and  pursuing construction/expansion of terminals in the Southeast to ensure their coal can make its way to international markets.  Although no clear connection can be made between a specific coal terminal plan in the Southeast and the delay of terminals in the Pacific Northwest, it is clear that one way or another coal companies are going to find a way to ship their coal overseas.

Cue the dark, ominous music and take a second to re-read that paragraph; notice that they are brazenly admitting that they want to shut down jobs, development, and energy across the entire country. These groups are also actually trying to pretend that coal companies, selling a product that provides abundant, affordable/reliable, and increasingly clean energy to millions around the world, is an evil or frightening thing. In fact, that coal is the energy that we all need to heat or cool our homes, charge our batteries, or … yes folks … even watch the Super Bowl (can anyone out there say, “irony”?).

Moving forward, we’re hearing today that the official unemployment rate is back up to 7.9% now, so the last thing that we should be doing is killing off job creation projects that are addressing environmental concerns and that won’t require billions in government spending.

I’ll just start wondering out loud here … how long will it take people to see the damage that is being caused by this BANANA* attitude? How many lay off notices will need to be sent out? How many more foreclosures will we need to endure? How many more communities will need to go dark? How many people will need to move back in with their aging parents just to make ends meet?  (*Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)

We know that these groups are protected from nationwide cutbacks as they rake in multiple millions  from wealthy donors like Chesapeake Energy, Mayor Bloomberg and others. Their political power and wealth make them comfortable and they now openly gloat and cheer when they read stories of mine and utility workers losing their jobs.

So I’ll ask again, how much more will we, as a nation, be willing to endure before we take a step back and admit the damage that is being caused by these groups? When are you going to make a call, and tell your elected officials to begin to balance environmental concerns with economic and social concerns?

After all, it’s your families, its your jobs, its your homes, its your businesses, and its your communities that are being closed.

04. February 2013 by Jason Hayes
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