“Whiny” column attacks green consultants for daring to work on NW export projects

The first thing that popped into my head as I read David Robert’s recent spittle-flecked, frothing tirade was a quote, often attributed to Gandhi,

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Clearly the staff at grist have moved beyond ignoring and laughing and are now jumping, with both feet, into what they hope will be a fist fight. Demonstrating the truth of my contention is Roberts’ recent column “Seattle ‘green’ consultants sell out for coal money, whine.” Roberts’ efforts can best be described as a public hissy fit, complete with four-letter words, logical fallacies, and all the personal hatred, vitriol, and ad hominem one can dish up in a few hundred words. Roberts’ choice of title was also somewhat ironic, given that the only whining one notices here is within his own column.

… imagine my surprise when I read in The Seattle Times that several purportedly “green” Seattle consultants and strategists are working for the coal companies, trying to bribe and cajole Seattle towns into accepting these polluting monstrosities.

Can you imagine? I mean, how much of a cash-grubbing mercenary do you have to be to throw your “green” reputation overboard for coal money, the dirtiest money on the planet?

Roberts’ work appears to be on the same intellectual level as Sierra Club star child, Bruce Nilles‘ guilt by association smears – “Nazi’s used coal and so do you, so … what does that say about you??? Hmmm???

Unfortunately, this level of self-righteous rage is what I have come to expect from those who need to cover the fact that their actions are stopping the creation of new jobs and pushing energy prices out of reach of the the middle class and low-income wage brackets. They assume that everyone slavishly accepts their “coal=bad” meme and provide nothing more than name calling to back up their work.

Roberts’ is just the latest example of the Joe “just-blast-both-barrels-through-the-door” Biden approach of scaring people away from doing serious work. By making enough noise and screaming enough obscenities, Roberts’ appears to think that these consultants will flee the job of ensuring that we can have 1) a clean environment 2) affordable energy, and 3) thousands of new high-paying jobs.

The problem with Roberts’ approach is what we have been saying here for years; they don’t offer any reasonable alternatives. All they have to add to the conversation is “NO!!!” or “STOP!!!” and, unfortunately for their logic, it’s not possible to power a country or pay your mortgage on either of those. I’ll stick with the people who are working hard to provide clean, affordable energy and jobs. I’m expecting that the hard-working and concerned people of the pacific northwest will see things in the same way.

28. February 2013 by Jason Hayes
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