Global Warming losing credibility with journalists

A recent article by the folks at the Frontier Center for Public Policy takes a look at the cracks forming in the climate change consensus among journalists at major news outlets around the world.

According to the FCPP post, Journalists at the Economist and the London Telegraph are joining their colleagues at the Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, The Australian, and The National Post as they hesitantly begin to question “settled science” and appear to regretfully discount IPCCs predictions and forecasts.

For example, the Economist article recently stated,

If climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, climate sensitivity would be on negative watch. But it would not yet be downgraded.

The Telegraph’s Geoffrey Lean, described by his employer as “Britain’s longest-serving environmental correspondent,” opened a recent article with the following.

All right, I accept that this Arctic April may seem an incongruous time to address global warming. But there are important, and possibly hopeful, developments in the complex, contentious world of climate science that might finally give us all a sense of spring. For some recent research suggests that climate change might not be as catastrophic as the gloomiest predictions suggest.

Of course, these journalists quickly cover by reaffirming their committed belief in climate change as espoused by the IPCC’s past reports. However, the fact that they even dare to broach this topic in this manner indicates an encroaching sea change in environmental reporting and demonstrates the difficulty that 15 years of stable temperatures have caused for the establishment view of climate change.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

18. April 2013 by Jason Hayes
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