EPA’s Climate Plan Must Consider Impact on Workers and Consumers

I borrowed (with permission) this post from the good people at the Behind the Plug blog. Loads of essential information on the impacts of upcoming EPA regulations and this administration’s new climate change / energy agenda. Short version, the President’s climate change agenda will hit the poor and elderly hardest, it will cost a lot of people their jobs, it will slow our economic recovery, and it will significantly raise energy prices.

Hardly the stuff that good energy policies are made of … read on

In the wake of President Obama’s major climate plan speech last week, Americans everywhere have been wondering what the real cost of his energy agenda will be.

Virginia Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli hit the nail squarely on the head when he said:

“What it really is when it comes to the people, it’s a war on the poor.  That’s what it is.”

Cuccinelli continued: “The loss of opportunity and job creation affects the poorest parts of America and the poorest parts of Virginia the most.

Coinciding with Cuccinelli’s honest assessment of the Administration’s forthcoming policies was a study by from the Heritage Foundation describing the economic impact of the proposed plan.

According to Heritage the President’s plan could result in:

  • Employment falls by more than 500,000 jobs;
  • Manufacturing loses over 280,000 jobs;
  • A family of four’s annual income drops more than $1,000 per year, and its total income drops by $16,500 over the period of analysis;
  • Aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) decreases by $1.47 trillion;
  • Electricity prices rise by 20 percent;
  • Coal-mining jobs drop 43 percent; and
  • Natural gas prices rise 42 percent.

This isn’t just about numbers, regulations, or damaging policy agendas, it’s about real people.   Yesterday on Fox News Gov. Mike Huckabee spoke with two West Virginia coal industry workers about the impact the President’s plan would have on their jobs and their families.

The coal-fueled electricity industry has demonstrated its commitment to the environment by investing more than $100 billion, so far, to produce cleaner electricity, and the industry will invest another $100 billion to reduce its environmental footprint even further over the next 15 years. This is new plan is clearly about the putting politics over good policy, elevating the president’s environmental activist friends before American families and the economy.

If you haven’t checked out the Behind the Plug blog yet, you need to get busy!

02. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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