Wind PTC described as “energy socialism”

Thomas Stacy’s comments on wind energy in Ohio are anything but flattering.

The industry’s lobbying association, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), knows LOW VALUE is the real problem with wind, but cleverly turns our attention to “still high, but steadily declining costs” as the reason the industry needs the PTC to continue year after year after year.

They quite insincerely claim that, “Soon we won’t need the PTC, but today we still do.” Knowing full well lowering cost is not the answer. You see the wind PTC doesn’t pay for the wind industry to fix the fuel supply intermittency problem.

Instead it ignores it – worse yet, it rewards it. It sends the signal to the entire electricity supply sector that fuel supply shortcomings are just no big deal. But the truth is the ability provide a constant supply of fuel – and carefully manage and control its consumption rate – is absolutely vital to our electricity system’s efficiency and dependability.

The wind PTC is not a financial leg-up to an equivalent quality source to make it price competitive with conventional sources. The wind PTC rewards a misfit technology for its lack of control over its fuel source – a fuel that will continue to behave badly no matter how ‘price competitive’ our subsidies make it.

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03. March 2014 by Jason Hayes
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