EPA Clean Power Plan called “Irrational, Illegal”

The West Virginia Coal Association described its comments on the EPA’s so-called Clean Power Plan today. Among the comments, was the following warning about how the CPP will necessarily impact the affordability and reliability of our nation’s electricity generation system.

“President Obama is mandating a move away from low cost, coal-fired electricity to more expensive alternatives for an initiative that will have little to no impact on global climate change,” Raney said.  “When you take into account that more than 400 electric generating units across the country are slated for closure or transition to alternative fuels in the coming years, these rules also severely threaten the stability of America’s power grid.”

There is only a few hours remaining to comment on the EPA’s proposed regulation. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to let them know you support coal mining and utility jobs. You can also send your comments, using the US Chamber of Commerce comment tool if you prefer.

01. December 2014 by Jason Hayes
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