U.S. coal mining industry sees “record low” fatalities in 2014

CSMonitor.com describes the positive effects of an industry-wide focus on miner safety in 2014.

In 2014, coal mine-related fatalities hit a record low. So far this year, 16 people died in coal mining-related accidents, ducking under the previous low of 18 workers set in 2009.

The article also rightly noted the hard work of miners in ensuring overall miner safety.

While regulatory efforts have contributed to the decline in coal mine worker fatalities, much of the credit belongs to the miners and mining companies …

“Not enough credit is given to the men and women who work in the industry and the corporations who employ those men and women and do understand that lives matter and that the coal cannot be produced without its most precious resource, which is the American miner,”

Kudos were also given to Alpha Natural Resources for their excellent work.

MSHA Director and Assistant Labor Secretary Joseph Main lauds one company, Virginia-based Alpha Natural Resources, for leading the way in mine safety by employing innovative safety protocols that focus heavily on collaboration with workers.

Alpha’s “Running Right” signature operating philosophy encourages employees to speak up when they see a safety issue and to suggest ways to improve workplace safety, Alpha spokesman Steve Hawkins said in an e-mail to the Monitor.

Well done in 2014 and let’s continue to work to a time when we can see zero accidents.

02. January 2015 by Jason Hayes
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