Article refers to propane heating as “propain”

Continuing instability in oil and natural gas prices and refining capability, as well as increased demand around the world is making it difficult for suppliers to provide propane for North Eastern customers. That limited supply is forcing prices higher and has prompted this Press of Atlantic City article to refer to propane heating as “propain.”

The approximately 60,000 southern New Jersey residents who heat their homes with propane might want to start spelling it “propain.”

Retail prices for the liquefied gas are already up 50 cents per gallon from this time a year ago, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

And an analysis this week by the Oil Price Information Service suggested propane prices could rise another 50 cents per gallon this winter.

The article goes on to describe how customers can have difficulties selecting or switching suppliers as prices change.

That difficulty, coupled with the reality that natural gas prices are equally unstable, makes the arguments for using coal-based electricity for home heating that much stronger. Stable prices over the past several decades, abundant supply, and an increasingly clean environmental record makes coal a natural choice for home heating, thereby reducing demand on our valuable gas resources.

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