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Coal makes up lost ground in 2010

A recent energybiz.com article describes the energy industry’s year in 2010. Short version, coal boomed and renewables had serious setbacks. 2010 numbers turned 2009 numbers on their head. The inability of Congress to determine a credible and workable energy policy … Continue reading

26. January 2011 by Jason Hayes
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2009 reports indicate massive drop in power generation

EIA is reporting that total generation in 2009 was down by over 4%, dropping to 2003 levels. Additionally, the reduction is noted as the largest decline in generation suffered in over sixty years. As expected, the primary reason for the … Continue reading

02. December 2010 by Jason Hayes
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Coal vs. wind?

Many people believe that the coal industry is necessarily opposed to the development of wind-based energy. But nothing could be farther from the truth. I was reminded of this issue while attending the Western Business Roundtable’s 2010 Summit of the … Continue reading

08. January 2010 by Jason Hayes
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Coal Plant Cancellations: Janet Gellici in Power Engineering magazine

Janet Gellici, American Coal Council CEO was recently published in Power Engineering magazine. In her article, Janet considers the notion that now is not the time to panic over the recent spate of coal plant cancellations. (If, however, we continue to demand more and more inexpensive electricty without allowing for upgrades and new construction of generation and transmission capacity, that time could come soon enough.)

The full text of the article is included below. You can also access the article through the Power Engineering Magazine website.


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10. June 2008 by Jason Hayes
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